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Magic 555 Cleaner & Degreaser - Professional Strength

MAGIC 555™ Industrial series is specially formulated to tackle all toughest industrial cleaning tasks and are recognized for the quality and performance in all major industries. Due to its unique colloidal chemistry, it is accepted by manufacturing and service oriented companies for cleaning equipments, machinery, metal parts, vehicles, railways, engines, building and floors, etc. MAGIC 555™ products are completely safe, nontoxic, 100% Biodegradable and works on latest “Colloidal Technology” which literally acts on grease, oil and burnt carbon & lifts up from the surface without the use of kerosene, diesel, petrol, TCE and other toxic solvents, acids & caustic chemicals normally used by the industries. Magic 555 acts and emulsifies grease, carbon, hydraulic fluid, cutting oil/burnt oil, lubricants even hardened deposits from machinaries, equipments and floors immediately. Cuts through accumulated sludge on machinery, presses, road and mining equipment, engines and conveyors. Can be use with hot or cold water with or without pressure gun, dip tank. 


1. MAGIC 555 Industrial Degreaser & Cleaner
2. MAGIC 555 Metal & Engine Parts Cleaner
3. MAGIC 555 Conversion & Varnish Stripper
4. MAGIC 555 Heavy Duty Degreaser & Cleaner 
5 MAGIC 555 All Purpose Cleaner
6. MAGIC 555 Spot & Stain Remover

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