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Company Overview

Welcome to P&D Creative  Co.

P&D Creative Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of complete line of Green Earth Friendly, Non-Toxic and 100% Biodegradable Industrial, Institutional and Consumer Retail Cleaning Products.

All  our products are:

* 100% Bio-Degradable
* Human and Animal Safe
* Non-Toxic
* Value Priced
* Provides Superior Performance

Our Journey: Started in 1993 as a small R&D company. Our Founder and President Mr. Paresh Shah goal was to develop nontoxic cleaner when the nontoxic concept was on its infancy in U.S. Our first breakthrough was a unique completely safe nontoxic product "Spot & Stain Remover" develop based on patented "Colloidal Technology" for soft cleaning application such as clothes, fabric and carpet. Since then we have tried to develop at least one new product within the cleaning category. Now after more than 20 years we have developed  a complete line of over 17 Cleaning Products that serves Industrial, Institution and Consumer retail business under three brand namely Magic 555™, MotorPro™ and Effective™. We are proud our products are serving customers  in U.S and all over globe for past 20 years.

We love challenges and always come up with a creative safe solution to solve customers problems for their unique cleaning needs!

With our 20+ years Research and Development expertize and manufacturing experience we now offer:
  1. Custom Engineered Formulations for Specific Customer Applications.
  2. Private Brand label Products.

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