Leading Manufacturer of Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products

P&D Creative Co., Inc. formulates, manufactures and markets a full line of earth friendly cleaning products using a revolutionary technology based on colloidal chemistry since 1993.  Our concentrated cleaning products are some of the most advanced in the industry providing superior cleaning performance.  These cleaning products have been specially formulated for Industrial,  Institutional  and Household applications.

Company is proud winner of "Top 500 Emerging Businesses in America Award","Going Global Award" and " DSCR Gold Medal Award"

Mission Statement: P&D Creative Company's commitment to our customers is to always provide Cleaning Products with superior performance that are not only human safe but safe to environment all the time.

  P&D Creative Co. cleaning products are marketed under brand name Magic 555™, MotorPro™ and Effective™.
  All products are:
  • 100% Bio Degradable
  • Human and Animal Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Value Priced
  • Concentrated
  P&D Creative Co. also offers:
  1. Custom Engineered Formulations for Specific Customer Applications.
  2. Private Brand label Products.

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